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Asthma is the most common chronic lung disease in children.

Fox 40 Studio Live ~ (June 2019 live interview with Alfred Brown, Sr.)

Since 2001, Alfred Brown, Sr. Founder of CaFairPlay, has devoted his attention to helping children with Asthma. At camp, they learn how to accept and stay on top of their Asthma symptoms. They realize that by acceptance and treatment, they can play sports, or be outside with their friends.

Through the camp experience, they see they can horseback ride, rock climb, swim, garden, hike, fish and participate in outdoor activities just like everyone else. The camp serves Northern California children with Asthma between 6-12. If there are any spaces left for a child, the siblings are allowed to accompany their sister or brother. “It is important to understand and help their sibling with Asthma.”

CAFairPlay Asthma Camp Brochure

Summer camp is a fun way to explore why it is so important to use your inhaler or medicine ~ it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, the educational games and activities all have that aspect in mind.

Coming to camp is a fun way to be with your peers all experiencing mild to severe Asthma attacks.

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