CAFairPlay Asthma Camp 
June 30th ~ July 2nd, 2024

@ Camp Arroyo in Livermore, CA ~ Taylor Family Foundation  

Who Are We?  

CAFairPlay helping children with Asthma    

Founded in 2001, Al Brown, Sr. saw a need for children with Asthma to experience summer camp just like their friends.  

Realizing that a need to educate and teach children with Asthma how to accept and learn to handle their Asthma so they can participate with their friends was imperative.

Each camp day, two sessions are held that involves learning how to live with Asthma through fun game activities like, “How To Breathe Like a Millionaire” and Asthma Jeopardy.”  

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Projects at Asthma Camp

“Taylor Family Foundation” 

Each Year, The Taylor Family Foundation Hosts our “Children with Asthma” summer camp at their facility, Camp Arroy.   Their mission; “To preserve the wellness and the quality of life for children in Northern California with life-threatening & chronic illnesses, disabilities & youth at risk through unique therapeutic experiences & support.”

Taylor Family Foundation Logo

Our Camp Hosts . . . 

The Taylor Family Foundation is located in Livermore, California.  A phenomenal location with so many activities for children at all levels of physical ability.  

Want to see where your chld’s camp is?  Check out the video below.  It is an Aerial Tour of the Taylor Family Foundation Camp. 

Asthma Camp - Camper Forms

Our Sponsors . . .

Our sponsors include ~ New Faze Development, Dignity Health, Kaiser, Kiwanis, Sierra Health, SMUD, U.C. Davis and the Taylor Family Foundation.   

Transportation is provided “free” because of our generous sponsors.

Our Volunteers . . .

We couldn’t do this without our volunteers ~ If you are interested in volunteering, please review the “Adult Counselor Form Page or the Junior Counselor Form page listed above. 

You can call, email or check out Facebook to get in touch with Al Brown, Sr.  

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