Did You Sign Up for Camp?

having fun at camp - summer camp for children with asthma

Summer Camp for Children with Asthma
Ladies and gentlemen!  Have you signed up your child or children for Asthma Camp yet?  We have a few spots still available and we would love for your child to join us this summer!  Go to the “Forms” page and download the Asthma Camp Application Form – please review the Camp forms – All the forms are there for you to download, fill out and either email in or mail.


Summer is such a fun time – and children with Asthma need to learn how they can participate in outdoor activities.  With our educational component – the children learn to accept their Asthma, not be ashamed, or feel inferior, learn how to take responsibility for themselves and by doing so this enables them to be active!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call!  See You At Camp!

Asthma Health Fair

Asthma Health Fair

Wow!  The 1st Asthma Health Fair was held on Saturday 5/23 from 1 – 5 p.m.  I have to say it was a fun time!  The student nurses did an awesome job  – Check out the photo’s we took!  Now we are concentrating on getting those applications in for summer camp!  It is a first come, first serve basis – if your child is between 6-12 years of age and has Asthma – sign them up!  It is “Free” to the campers and they learn so much and have so much fun!

Checking out what to win at the Asthma Fair She won a small prize at the Asthma Health Fair

Helping at the Asthma Table